Firstly, thank you for visiting our website. At MUBKA we love bees, and we want to encourage people of any age who may be interested in keeping bees, or even joining us just for interest. Our Associate member grade costs only £5 per year and gives you full access to our knowledge base and website.

As you will see from our Event Calendar, we have a wide range of activities to interest and support beekeepers throughout the year, and in particular during the beekeeping season. We start with a session explaining how to get yourself and your equipment ready for the bees’ rapid expansion in the spring and follow through with various events covering bee diseases, good practice and talks on general and specialist bee related subjects.

If you don’t currently have bees, we offer a Beginners’ Course which offers spectacular value. Starting in March every year it covers four 2 hour theory sessions and then Beginners only practicals every Thursday evening for the rest of the season, supervised by experienced beekeepers and which are held at our Training Apiary near Twyning.

After your first season, or if you are joining as an existing beekeeper, we have regular “Improvers” evenings to provide support and to encourage your development as a beekeeper. Social contact is important to us as well, and we usually end our sessions at the local pub.

I believe that we really have something for everyone who has even a passing interest in bees. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

John Moseley

Chairman MUBKA


2021 Membership Options


Full Membership (you have bees or intend to have bees) £28

This gives you membership of Malvern and Upton Beekeepers,  Worcestershire Beekeepers Association,  British Beekeepers Association (and their insurance as a beekeeper and the monthly BBKA magazine) and Bee Diseases Insurance for up to 3 hives. There is an option to insure for more bee colonies if required.

Partner Membership (As for full membership, but a partner is already a full member and they receive the BBKA magazine) £21.50

Junior Membership (under 18) £9.50

Junior membership + you have bees (includes Bee diseases insurance) £11.50

Country Membership (Membership of MUBKA and you receive the BBKA magazine) £14.50

MUBKA member only £5

To join the branch please contact the membership secretary by clicking HERE

BDI INSURANCE ADDITIONAL FEE TABLE – 2021 Total Number of Colonies - including nuclei - 

  • ·Up to 3 £0.00
  • ·4 to 5 £2.00
  • ·6 to 10 £5.25
  • ·11 to 15 £7.75
  • ·16 to 20 £9.50
  • ·21 to 25 £11.10
  • ·26 to 30 £13.60
  • ·31 to 35 £16.10
  • ·36 to 39 £18.10

IMPORTANT – Ensure your insurance is sufficient at all times. BDI Insurance - Provides compensation towards the cost of frames and foundation following destruction under a Bee Destruction Order issued by a Ministry Inspector. All colonies must be insured at the time of the inspection for a claim to be considered by BDI. Please ensure you have sufficient cover at all times during the year.

Contact the membership secretary to pay the additional premium before adding colonies. Payments made after 31 st March will not be operative for insurance purposes until 40 days after the payment date. The number of colonies insured will be shown on your BDI certificate which you will receive and which also confirms your membership of Malvern and Upton Beekeepers Association. The certificate will be required in the event of a claim please keep it in a safe place.

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