Membership of the BBKA brings many rewards.

Information and advice on beekeeping

Education, support and mentoring in your local association

Online forum for beekeeping support

£10m third party public liability insurance 

£10m product liability insurance

Monthly membership magazine - BBKA News

On-line BBKA News archive which is fully searchable

Beekeeping examinations to the highest level

Representation at national and international levels


Classes of membership

Registered – full membership with all above advantages, basic BDI obligatory

Partner      - Full membership but without copies of BBKA News, basic BDI optional.  Must live at the same address as a registered member.

Country    - For those without bees, no insurance cover but will receive BBKA News

Junior      - For under 18year olds.  Third party insurance etc and BBKA NEWS – basic BDI optional.

2019 Membership Subscriptions

Registered                   £19.00 + £2.00 BDI

Partner                        £12.50

Country                       £9.50

Junior                          £9.50

To these subscriptions should be added, where appropriate

Worcestershire (County Association)             £2.00

Malvern and Upton (Branch)                          £5 + £10 Joining Fee

For those registered members with more than the 3 hives covered by basic BDI the following fees are payable for additional colonies insurance.

5 hives              basic +                        £2.00

10 hives            basic +                        £5.25

15 hives           basic +                        £7.75

20 hives           basic +                        £9.50

25 Hives          basic +                        £11.10  After add 50p per hive up to a maximum of 40 hives.

BBKA Insurance

BBKA insurance cover is immediately in place once subscription is paid to the local branch AND a receipt is issued.


All elements of the subscription elements including basic BDI, which forms part of the registered subscription (being obligatory) are allowable for gift aid.  Additional colony insurance is NOT.

Apiary Hygiene

 In order to go as far as we can to prevent the spread of disease the  Committee has decided that the following ‘rules’ will apply to  everyone when visiting other members’ apiaries; visiting Twyning Apiary; and when borrowing the Bee Suits belonging to the association other than for visits to the Twyning apiary:

 Visits to a Members Apiary

 All attending commit to washing their Bee Suits before and after the visit (60° wash in washing machine).

  • All attending to wear disposable over gloves.

  • Only the smoker, hive tools etc belonging to the apiary owner should be used (excepting safaris run by the National Bee Unit Inspectors).

 Visits to Twyning Apiary

 All attending commit to washing their Bee Suits before and after the visit (60° wash in washing machine).

  • MUBKA purchase for use only at the Twyning Apiary to prevent cross contamination:

      • 3No. Smokers

      • 6 hive Tools

      • Other necessary tools and equipment – queen marking cage; boot wash; over gloves; uncapping fork, buckets etc.

 All attending to wear disposable over gloves (Stock will be held at Twyning Apiary).

 Use of MUBKA Bee Suits

 Anyone borrowing or using a MUBKA Bee Suite away from the Twyning Apiary must commit to washing the Bee Suit(s) before and after use (60° wash in washing machine).


The colour for Queen marking this year is Yellow

2017 Beekeeping Training at Malvern & Upton Beekeepers Association

If you feel we should be offering further training please contact Phil Green contact details with your suggestions.

 Please remember all of the in-house training is provided by volunteers.

2017 Basic Beekeeping Theory Course (
Cost £50.00 members only – registration required).

Those of you who will be attended the Theory course this year will go on to attend the Thursday evening beginners’ practical sessions.  Thanks to Brian Nichols and Keren Green for helping with the delivery of the theory course.

The 2017 Theory course runs for six Saturday evenings in Feb; March and April. Full details have been published on the web site for some time. 

The venue for the course is Hanley Swan Village. 






2017 Nosema Session (
Open to all membership – free of charge)   TBA

Nosema s_0.tmp


If there is sufficient uptake we will ask our microscopists Keren Green; Margaret Embleton, Martin Porter and Phil Green if they are willing and able to run a session this year.  If you are interested, please e mail your interest contact details.


2017 Beginners Sessions (Open to all membership novice focus – free of charge)
Starts in April 2017 at Green Farm Apiary Twyning 

The beginners Thursday evening sessions are to be held at the Twyning Apiary; thanks to Geoff Wright and Brian Nichols who will head up these sessions. Thanks also to Bill O’Dell for the use of the land and to Fred Stephens for the maintenance work.

If you are in your first year of beekeeping we can provide bee suits for you to use at the Thursday evening sessions however if you do own bee suits, please bring them with you.

You will also need wellies and a pair of beekeeping gloves or good quality ‘Marigold’ gloves.

The exact start date is very much subject to weather and we will communicate the start date when known however it will be in April 17.

If you are interested in attending, please e mail contact details.


2017 Improver Sessions (Open to all membership – free of charge)
Starts TBA- venue to be confirmed - see diary before you set out

It is proposed to run these sessions fortnightly throughout the 2017 season at member apiary sites.  Full details will be published once the schedule is set. 

If you have sufficient parking, sufficient numbers of colonies; sufficient space around your hives and would like to host an evening please let us know contact details.


2017 Bee Safari (Open to all membership – free of charge)
Saturday TBA- venues to be confirmed - see diary before you set out

Providing we get attendance in excess of 20 No. members the National Bee Unit will permit our local Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) Keren Green to run another bee safari this year.

If you would like to attend please let us know contact details.


Other Training (Open to all membership [some topics subject to experience]– free of charge)

If you are interested in training for any of the following, please let us know by sending details in an e mail to here and we will try to organise appropriate (self-help workshop) sessions.

BBKA Basic Beekeeping Assessment

BBKA Beekeeping Theory Modules

BBKA Microscopy

Pollen Identification

Queen rearing

  contact details

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